No photos here…

Yesterday, I think I fell in love with my husband of thirty-nine years all over again.

The whole point of my blog was (and still is) to be a resource for new parents–shining a brilliant light on the life-saving, life-renewing process of emotionally validating their children. I have wanted parents to recognize and generously give the physical gifts of comfort: being held and touched lovingly. I have wanted parents to recognize and generously give the emotional gifts– teaching the simple magic of what it means to love and respect. And I have also wanted parents to feel validated in their recognition that teaching children to use their emotional signals can be an intellectually challenging job. Fortunately, we live in a world that gives us access to healthy information that is evidence-based. Finding the simple and elegant truths on which to base decisions can be a bit more dicey and controversial, so I am NOT claiming that I know THE truths. Human knowledge is constantly evolving. Still, the ones I have uncovered and hold personally are pretty basic, pretty old-actually, and are still holding fast. My personal touchstones are resonating with others, and they are sitting with me gently. I’m sure they will tend to poke out here and there. 🙂

So…my husband. In the process of trying to provide resources for any parents who might wander over to this site, I have continued my own personal growth and truth-checking work for myself. In the process of noticing and developing trust in my own emotions, I realized that there was a valid reason for my not being able to clear out my office in the months since I retired. (I think I have cracked the door open maybe–five times?) I realized I needed help. I asked. He did it.   

He said he was going to Walmart. I went to the vet’s to pick up our dog. I stalled. He worked.

This morning, I still stalled. Then, I looked. The old family pictures are gone from the wall. The scrapbooks and old photo albums sit neatly in a sealed container as a historical resource for posterity. Sigh. Smile. Love will live in this place. Thank you, my dear husband.

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