What is intuition? The sidewalks of thought?

I have noticed that creative minds tend to be most active late at night–working into the wee hours before finally collapsing into bed. As a result, sleep schedules sometimes do not exist for creative minds–apparently true for Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Napoleon, Thomas Edison, and Nikola Tesla, among others. This word makes more sense now:  inspiration–the source of second winds!

Scientific American published the article Sleepy Brains Think More Freely  by Tori Rodgiguez on May 1, 2012 that verified what I had suspected to be true. When minds relax enough to stop obsessing about what rules they should be following. We stop trying to speed down the highway to get out on the sidewalks. We window-shop for ideas and wind up becoming inspired.

Earlier this week, I read in Dr. Matthew McKay’s book Seeking Jordan, that his son who had passed to “the other side” revealed that part of our soul remains with our soul group on the other side, while the rest of our soul lives incarnate, puzzling out the mysteries of the universe. He tried to explain to his living father that the part of us that remains behind, continues to guide us here. What a concept, whether I buy into it or not!

After all, how important is sleep when the next great idea is coming together?

What do you think? Does your inspiration strike in the wee hours?

Creating together…



11 thoughts on “Intuition

  1. I’m jealous. While I’m laying there thinking of everything that could go wrong or thinking of things I’d love to share on my blog or a mixture of the two, he is just snoozing away. How do they turn it off? I’d love to know the secret. Generally, I end up forcing myself to countdown from 100, starting over if any thoughts creep in and interrupt the countdown or if I’m still awake when I reach zero…

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  2. Mmmm…I might actually have stumbled across a clue to all of that today, reading about Otto Bismark, of all things: “Protestant Pietism” – the discipline of doing. 😀


  3. Hmmm… I will have to look into that. I function well enough on no sleep, but I bet I’d be one amazing individual if I wasn’t always so exhausted from lack of sleep. 😀

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