Unexpected Award!



FindingBreathless is still in its infant stages, less than three months, so I am both surprised and honored to be nominated for this award by LazyHaze. Thank you for reading my blog, engaging in heartwarming and insightful conversation, and considering it worthy of nomination for The Versatile Blogger Award.

Seven Random Facts About Me:

  1. Two of my happiest places are at a keyboard: laptop or piano.
  2. My outlandish triumphs include ten days of canoeing the Boundary Waters, rappelling down Steamboat Rock, and changing shock absorbers, oil, and tires (all with help!).
  3. You can’t pry me away from a lush garden at night if it surrounds a water feature flooded in color.
  4. I think that God created Celtic music, and then rested.
  5. I’d like to lobby for moments of silence in honor of sunrises and sunsets.
  6. The Secret Garden has all of life’s lessons between its front and back covers (in my humble opinion).
  7. I am thankful for: the doers, the peace-keepers, the encouragers, and the thinkers. We cannot exist without each other.

I have greatly enjoyed being a part of the WordPress community these past few weeks, and I hope to go on doing so for a long time. I love reading many blogs here in our community, and it is hard choose. (We are asked to pick 10.) They are all full of sincere, thoughtful, and moving posts.

Here Are My Nominations:

  1. https://letthelightinreflections.com/
  2. https://aestheticmiradh.wordpress.com/home/
  3. http://kristinakoti.com/
  4. https://ridiculousbharath.wordpress.com/
  5. https://amileinmyshoes.co/
  6. https://erinmariemcdowell.wordpress.com/
  7. https://justbreathe826.wordpress.com/
  8. http://postwidowhood.blogspot.com/
  9. https://whereverthemindwanderssoshallmypenfollow.wordpress.com/
  10. https://anadelourdes.wordpress.com/

The rules of the award are:

  1. Thank the person who has nominated you.
  2. Share the versatile blogger award on your blog.
  3. Share seven random facts about yourself.
  4. Tag 10 bloggers with less than 1000 followers and let them know they have been nominated.










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