Elegant Chemistry


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Miscues, mysteries, and losing ourselves via man-made scaffoldingl

Months have a way of gathering their own hanging chads–pings of delight, laughter, music, and grief. My September came early one year. The magical spark of life we were expecting about September 15 returned before we had realized. Twenty weeks of heartbeats, a few gentle movements, and then nothing. Memorial Day that year was awash at the lake. We’d planned a weekend with friends and were still able to go. One of the couples had a two-month-old babe. Watching the nursing couple ached down to my bones.

For reasons unknown, we seldom have conversations about miscarriages. Of course, we never get the chance to know these little souls who bravely tried to tackle the difficult–even arduous mission of life on this planet. So, there is not much to talk about, really. So many things must come together in elegant precision for the spark of life to occur. (Real sparks-check the link!) Still, one has to wonder why the missions abort. Continue reading “Elegant Chemistry”

The Day the Music Returned


Parade and Piano

Pasadena, California. The 1963 Parade of Roses. We were staying with distant relatives in their Craftsman-style home, two blocks from Colorado Boulevard. The adults–old and older, had set up chairs in the middle of the night and were on the street hours before the parade started. That was the year I had sworn off dolls, dresses, anything girlish. Blech! All I’d wanted for Christmas was cowboy boots. I was wearing them.

I discovered magic in that house. An old upright piano was tucked into a dark corner. (All rooms seemed dark to me back then.) As the one child amid the old and older, they left me alone (as always).  Oh, but the piano. I plunked out the most beautiful melodies (I thought), never having had the chance to touch one before. After that, I could talk about nothing else–except my daily plea for a horse. A horse was a reasonable request. There was room in the barn and an abundant supply of hay and grain. A piano? Excessive. Continue reading “The Day the Music Returned”

MTHFR (…no censorship necessary)

I haven’t thought about my MTHFR issue for several years: my treatment is routine now, working well, and is rather “out of mind”. Still, thinking “genetically”, I decided to do a quick search here on WordPress. My main concern is about the inheritable aspect, and knowing something about how parenting techniques have an impact on our genetics was suddenly sending a few more question marks chilling down my spine.

geneticsMy non-technical understanding is that MTHFR is a genetic mutation of the enzyme, resulting in the reduced ability of my body to metabolize folate. There is a domino effect from this mutation: a buildup of toxins later in life that can masquerade as Alzheimers (brain fog, memory issues), neural tube defects, depression, various mental illnesses, ADHD/ADD, auto-immune disorders, and more. Folate is a major part of the DNA methylation process that develops and maintains life. My guess is that all of this becomes a cyclical effect: our inherited bodies affect our behaviors. I’m guessing that the resulting effects become multiplied for our children.

Continue reading “MTHFR (…no censorship necessary)”

Random thoughts on being…random

ionAugust and Maria Froh

My great-grandparents (on the left) probably had plenty on their minds, but they seemed to be a little more single-minded back then. Not sure how…they had twelve children! But then again, their last name was Froh, and froh, after all, is the German word for ‘glad’. We Froh descendents were always told that laughed a LOT.)

Back to my randomness topic…

My friend tells me that she has been called ADHD–albeit in an endearingly sort of way. The classroom teacher in me kicks in and I tell her she is most assuredly not! (Ahem…I, on the other hand, AM.)

I poke around into this ADD/ADHD topic a lot. Probably too much. Interestingly, there now seems to be a connection between ADD/ADHD and early Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN). Don’t take this as hard science. I’m not enough of an authority.

So, ADHD might be rooted in having your little-child emotions shut down (not letting you be too angry, too excited, etc.) On the flip side, ADD might be caused by just not getting noticed or validated enough when you were little. (Your emotions didn’t help you get what you needed, so you gave up trying.)

Anyway, I’m trying hard to take better care of myself. It makes me feel more “FROH!”

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