Golf Therapy

When I hit a wall, I pack it up and go hit golf balls, instead.

For me, golf has it all.golftherapy

Mighty swings excise anxiety.

Putting forces focus.

Terrible lies induce both courage and humility.

A few lucky shots keep hope alive.

I challenge coyotes to stare-downs.

I talk squirrels into following us around for a few holes.

Fairways littered and saddened with debris from a recent downpour miraculously look reborn–only a few days later.

Survival stories of cancer, knee-replacements, the newly-widowed, the newborns.

We brush elbows.

We trade score cards. Continue reading “Golf Therapy”

Slogging all the way to my wall.


Interesting. Only a few readers responded when I opened the door to share instances of witnessing or experiencing bullying. (My heartfelt thanks for those of you who did.) Sadly, I suspect that a few things may be true, because they are most certainly true for me:

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Bullies: just longing for Boeles?

Bulls? Bullies? Boeles? Or the elephants in the room?

Apparently my bully-ish thought-stream decided that a raging waterfall would be more appropo tonight. So, here goes…

Earlier today, I discovered that bully was, originally, a 16th Century term of endearment for a friend or lover (spelled boele). You’ll have to hang with me here to follow my spaghetti-brain logic. Continue reading “Bullies: just longing for Boeles?”

Perplexing: The evolution of “Bully”



Doubt/Hope vs. Certainty

Today’s Daily Post word prompt, perplexed, couldn’t have been more serendipitous. It led me directly to this thought-stream:  perplexed might be fairly indicative of the human condition: “Do we really know what we think we know?” (What do we really know about bullying?) Continue reading “Perplexing: The evolution of “Bully””

That’s just bully! (My radical request)


Help Wanted!

FindingBreathless is now a little more than a month old and is wanting to see and be seen–for the sake of all of our tiny people growing out of infancy and learning their most important lessons of life as they get ready for their first days of school.

My vision for this point of the journey is to gather a collection of brief accounts (no names attached unless you choose), so people can begin to recognize how pervasive bullying really is—as well as how easily it can be hidden or disguised. I think it is important to build a public awareness of red flags that differentiate bullying behaviors as being vastly different from compassionate behaviors. Continue reading “That’s just bully! (My radical request)”

Your Turn: Bullied? Manipulated? Hurting? Healing? Please share.


Please, please…zing us!

FindingBreathless has been paddling as fast the little duck feet could muster, heading toward a lily pad. (Truthfully, that lily pad has been covering up a soapbox podium, but you knew that, right?) Today, we’re climbing onto a lily pad and turning off our own microphones.  Today is your turn to be heard. Continue reading “Your Turn: Bullied? Manipulated? Hurting? Healing? Please share.”

Stop Bullying at Zero


My risk. Your gain.

I am probably taking a big risk with this post, but I am just going to say it. Parents have the power to eliminate bullying. Furthermore, it must be accomplished before children even set foot in a school.

Studies dance around the issue, because empirical scientific methods are geared for testing a limited sample and a single variable at a time. It will always be a limited sample, even if it is a meta-analysis. Researchers must always leave the door open for further studies to be conducted. That is the scientific method, and science will continue to gather evidence interminably.

Not everyone is going to agree, but, on this, I’m taking a stand.

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Meditations for Young Children


(From my page Meditation for Children on Starfish Mission)

We already know that the parent-child bond can be locked into place by age 1, but as little ones start to pull away and exercise independence, I have wondered whether there might be a way to begin to teach children at a very early age how to begin to take over the task of calming themselves. Continue reading “Meditations for Young Children”

Assertiveness: Authentic-Self + 3



Finding it hard to recharge?

People who end up making life-choices based on someone else’s ideals and values tend to burn out and become depressed much faster than those who follow their heart. We come into this world fully equipped for our purpose, and if we are allowed to follow that purpose–leading from our natural source of energy within us–we have a perpetual-motion machine that can feel like heaven on Earth. Although sleep is still required! If we are constantly trying to live up to others’ expectations, we smash together our frustrations, anxiety, and anger inside until it becomes a giant, knotty problem–and exceedingly difficult to unravel. (My Starfish Mission page explains.)

Do you have a story to share?

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