Entry Point: Finding Purpose

Are you passionately driven by your authentic self, or are you beating yourself up–trying to do what you “think” you should be doing? It makes all the difference in the world!

Societal, cultural, and familial institutions all seek order and productivity at your expense. All outside influences succeed mightily in driving out our authentic selves. Our mission here on Earth is learning to love better. Perhaps the most poignant supporting evidence has come from the Harvard Grant Study. Pain, both physical and emotional, serve to propel us forward in our path of learning. You were not supposed to do this alone. What we learn together is our source of joy as well as our contribution to all of creation.

My first life-preserver, Dr. Jonice Webb, (more about her is on my page The Black Hole ) held the key that unlocked my prison walls. There are others, but I SO appreciated her gentle steps that eased me forward. You deserve compassion, validation, and the love you probably never received as a child.  In this world of competition we are given very little time for study, reflection, the discovery/creation of the life for which we were intended. The path looks very different for each of us.

You will most likely  need to suspend your disbelief in order to set out on your mission of finding your unique purpose for your time on this planet. I went on an epic personal quest trying to find the truth that intersected the worlds of science, religion, and the spiritual. The websites below are among the most highly recommended, according to many sources. I will continue to add others.

From Ambition to Meaning by Dr. Wayne Dyer, psychologist, author, motivational speaker (1940-2015)

Seeking Jordan by Dr. Matthew McKay, clinical psychologist and professor at the Write Institute in Berkeley, California

The Christ Path by Andrew Harvey, award-winning author, speaker, and professor

Controlling People: How to Understand, Recognize, and Deal With People Who Try to Control You, by Patricia Harvey

Self-Esteem, and other books for recovery: New Harbinger Publications


If your purpose has been defined for you by controlling people, rules, strict discipline (or no discipline except for peer groups), or the politics of certain religious groups, you might never have had the chance to discover the real, authentic you.

The first place to look when trying to find yourself is where you hurt the most–or what you most want to hide. This is your place of passion and secret strength. It can be so strong in you that it is almost scary. Finding your purpose involves facing your fears of your own amazing sleeping-giant of potential.

Chances are that it scared your parents, too, and they quickly tried to corral it. Letting children grow into their strengths requires courageous parents who have become wise after facing their own greatest fears. It’s your turn to take the drivers seat. You’ve come this far. You’re doing it. I know because you are right here…at the bottom of this page!

All my love, ❤ ❤ ❤