Entry Point: Wanting a family

This is your window of opportunity. You are the future’s incubator of hope–building your relationships and getting mentally and physically ready to support the next group of players. You will be gifted with souls who have, themselves, been gifted with missions of their own. It will be your job to supply them with their bodies and guide them forward in the universe’s evolutionary discovery to improve its life force: love.

If, for any reason, you are feeling less than confident in your own purpose–if you have keyany sense of self-doubt, feelings of unworthiness, fears, mistrust in yourself or others around you, now is the time to act. Head over to Entry Point: Black Hole. Please, (I’m begging now 😉 ) try to figure out which part you missed, whether it was physical, emotional, or intellectual. If you are feeling emptiness for any reason, you may need to dig down a few layers (it might be many, if you experienced abuse or neglect) to find the leak. The solution is simple. Don’t worry–this is not going to become a religious sell-job or blame game. In fact, it may not be what you think or even as hard as you think. When you have it–the purpose for our lives here on Earth–every day becomes a gift of opportunity.




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