Judgment ≠ Discernment



Take a hike, chump! You’re not worth my time!!! (judgement or discernment?)

Judgment vs. Discernment (Psychology Today)

Wait–don’t we need to make good decisions?

Sometimes my forays into cautionary tales about being judgmental are met with vehement cries of derision–especially when one’s work hinges upon the ability to make informed and wise decisions. As a teacher, I remember frequent reminders that teachers make upwards of 1,500 critical decisions each day affecting students, parents, schools, communities—well, you get the picture. Teachers are hardly alone in their circles of influence.

My new growth mindset of possibility:

I have come to the place where my most solid assurance is that there is no end: that the conversations go on between all the souls who love each other, living and dead. I have no certifiable proof of this–only that this understanding gives me peace and allows me to maintain open conversations with basically anyone. From a mindset of no end,  nothing seems catastrophic anymore; we just continue learning how to love better. That also allows me to allow others’ their own interpretations of end vs. no end. And yet, when I see others in pain, knowing that there can be life here on the terra firma without emotional pain, I suppose that I cannot, in good conscience, stop myself from putting these thoughts out there.  (Most solid assurance, after all, is not without doubt.)

Each person comes to their working core truth in their own way and at their own time. When you get to that place, I don’t think that you never want to leave that solid foundation. You just build from there. I would love to know what you think: have you reached a meaning-of-life that works for you? If so, how has it affected your interpretation of judgement?  

Decisions, words-meanings, and relationships

So, the building: we humans have our gargantuan task of working out the fabric of meanings that fashion our relationships. Our life-raft relationships that we build despite the raging oceans of our many languages, cultures, contexts, values–all of it, might be secured or destroyed upon the interpretation of a single word: judgement. To me, judgement can mean allowing a relationship or dismissing it.

In my opinion, our interpretation and application of the difference between judgment and discernment is worth mindful consideration.

Value of souls vs. value of physical matters

Claim: Judgment addresses the value of a person. If we can accept that we are all differently-gifted for our own unique life’s purpose, every individual would have equal value. We each contribute to the whole in our own way. I see it as the value of one’s soul and worthiness to take up space, to be heard, and to be loved.

Claim: Discernment, according to conventional interpretation, is based upon what can be observed: objective matters. (Granted, there is also a  Biblical application of the word discernment, which may or may not integrate well. This would probably also make for a good discussion!)  I discovered an article published a few years ago (2011) in Psychology Today. It was written by Dr. Raj Raghunathan, who explains it much more eloquently than I. Here it is again:

Judgment vs. Discernment (Psychology Today)

What do you think? What determines the difference between judgment and discernment for you?  How does that kind of distinction play out in your daily living?

Love, ❤ ❤ ❤



You are just wrong! (Uh…you’re not?)

Evil means UPPITY.

I was raised to believe there was an absolute distinction between right and wrong-good and evil: I was told, unequivocally, to choose, and choose correctly. I’ve thought for a long time that there was a little glitch in that line of thinking-it seemed like everyone had a different version of what was right and what was wrong.

Shocker alert: the original meaning of EVIL is–get this–uppity! Uh oh. So whenever I make a decision of what is right over what is wrong, that means that I’m making a judgement for right, and everyone else is wrong??? Doesn’t that mean that when I am thinking that I am better, for having chosen correctly, I am actually being uppity? Uh oh. I am the evil one???

My head is in whiplash mode! duel

Reprogramming My Judgmental World View

My spaghetti-brain started stirring itself into quite a knot. Here I am in all of my knotty-ness. Uhhhh….naughty-ness?

  • The old Adam and Eve story was simply people deciding they were better than someone?
  • So…when I start thinking other people might be bad–that’s why I suddenly feel like hiding–because I might be bad? (Hello SHAME. I need some clothes.)
  • Now I’m ashamed and I can’t look people straight in the eye. I don’t trust them. They probably don’t trust me. (Hello prejudice and bigotry. And loneliness.)

Entertaining the Possibility of a World Without Judgment

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