High Price of Childhood Trauma

I awakened in the middle of the night with an old, familiar feeling–tight chest and coughing. I hadn’t experienced that in years. The evening had been wonderful. We’d attended a major-league baseball game and our home team had a resounding victory. Then, it hit me. I had been digging deeper into my mysterious past, and had been realizing ever-so-much-more acutely how traumatic things had been–chronically traumatic for years on end. Puzzle pieces keep falling together, and every day now seems to bring another revelation. Was there–IS there–a correlation between my kind of childhood trauma, my terrible childhood asthma, and all of the auto-immune weirdness that had hit me as an adult? Indeed there is. And indeed, I was well aware of how it had played out among the students in my classroom year after year.


We have the studies. We have the numbers on national cost. I have my memories and my own personal, observational evidence.

In an August 10, 2016 news release on the website AcesTooHigh.com (ACEs=Adverse Childhood Experiences), I discovered this:    Continue reading “High Price of Childhood Trauma”

MTHFR (…no censorship necessary)

I haven’t thought about my MTHFR issue for several years: my treatment is routine now, working well, and is rather “out of mind”. Still, thinking “genetically”, I decided to do a quick search here on WordPress. My main concern is about the inheritable aspect, and knowing something about how parenting techniques have an impact on our genetics was suddenly sending a few more question marks chilling down my spine.

geneticsMy non-technical understanding is that MTHFR is a genetic mutation of the enzyme, resulting in the reduced ability of my body to metabolize folate. There is a domino effect from this mutation: a buildup of toxins later in life that can masquerade as Alzheimers (brain fog, memory issues), neural tube defects, depression, various mental illnesses, ADHD/ADD, auto-immune disorders, and more. Folate is a major part of the DNA methylation process that develops and maintains life. My guess is that all of this becomes a cyclical effect: our inherited bodies affect our behaviors. I’m guessing that the resulting effects become multiplied for our children.

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There’s a Full Moon Tonight!

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I could use a little (okay, maybe a LOT) of help from some of you bloggers who have incredible photography skills. Until that happens, all I can offer you is my message. You see, as a former (20 years!) classroom teacher, full moons retain their residual uh oh effect on me. When kiddos were at their worst, we had to be at our best. That is when we, figuratively speaking, felt like getting out our stop signs and fire hoses. Yes, there are times when teachers and parents inadvertently jump over their little moons, and maybe even block their moons–robbing them of the lights they were so naturally shining. If so, those teachers and parents just didn’t happen to know that there was a better way.

With new, better-informed, and improved classroom management training, schools are making a turn in the right direction.  Unfortunately, schools are still at a loss to help children or parents before they set foot in a classroom. The first five years make all the difference in the world.

When we hear about politically oppressive regimes that use torture, imprisonment, and solitary confinement, we think brainwashing, PTSD, cruel and inhumane treatment. We don’t think of it as anything close to something like punishing children, ignoring them, teasing them, or shouting at them in anger. And yet, for those tiny little people at the hands of giant adults, it can feel exactly the same. The fear factor is no different. The result empties them of their very selves. Their little lights can just go dark. I know. It happened to me. I also now know that I have plenty of company. Our world struggles every day with issues of sadness, anxiety, fear, loneliness, anger, and depression.


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