The Wormhole



By being blind to faults, we see.

By becoming the servant, we lead.

By becoming vulnerable, we learn to trust.

By emptying ourselves of the world’s expectations, we find courage.

By listening, we learn to speak.

By writing out, we think within.

By becoming part of the many, we become



My Ghost Doesn’t Live in a Ghost Town

via Daily Prompt: Ghost


I could hardly believe that the WordPress prompt for today was “ghost”. You see, ghost is MY word.

The word, ghost, and I have a past relationship. This word, ghost, is ME. As a little girl, I remember: my dad is not far away, sitting in the brightly-lit living room of our matchbox-size house, right outside their bedroom. I am in their bedroom with my mother. It is dark. I see a figure. It is not my mother. It is not me. It is large. It is rather translucent, almost fog-like.  It does not appear to be trying to approach or frighten me, but I scream anyway. I do not know this being. I run out of the room to my father who catches and holds me. My mother laughs and tells me that I am silly. This is THE memory that has haunted me throughout my entire life.   Continue reading “My Ghost Doesn’t Live in a Ghost Town”